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Our 2011 product


KOM-PLANE is Computer Portable Log Analyzer, application that aims to assist investigators in conducting forensic analysis and log. KOM-PLANE is a portable application, standalone program working under Windows and Ubuntu operating systems. Working with Various Types of Logs.

KOM-PLANE support various log formats:

  • Apache Access
  • Apache Error
  • Apache Vhost
  • Apache Wordpress
  • IIS
  • IIS W3C
  • Syslog Linux
  • Windows Event Log
  • Windows Firewall
  • Windows Registry
  • Browser History: IE 7+
  • Browser History: Firefox 3+
  • Browser History: Chrome 14
Processing logs from many kind of devices:

  • Web Server
  • Database Server
  • Proxy Server
  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Firewall
  • Router
Quick Analyzing:

  • Cross-Correlate Log
  • Timeline
  • Search
  • Mark
KOM-PLANE tested, working and use since December 2011. Companies that are using this product:
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