About Insan Infonesia.

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PT. Insan Infonesia is a Technology Service Company which focusing on information technology consulting, information system development and Engineering. Insan Infonesia start serving the industries since 1997. Previously named with Insan Komunikasi, the founder was Budi Rahardjo which is prominent Internet figures in Indonesia who have been involved with the Internet since 1987. Located in Bandung, Indonesia. The city where a lot of the best technology resources located in Indonesia.

PT. Insan Infonesia founded as an answer for the needs of Information technology in business.Business should efficient and cost effective to win the worldwide competition. Information technology is the solution to streamline the business process and deliver products to market as quick as posibble.

We are team composed with young, energetic and technology minded people with dedication to quality. we believe that the quality of human resources was the key to delivery high quality products and services.

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Where to find us

Pondok Rahayu
Jl. Bojong Koneng Atas A3
Bandung 40191
West Java - Indonesia
Phone: +62-22-710-6423
Fax: +62-22-721-4449
Contact person

Tatan Sutarna
Mobile Phone: +62-812-802-4003
E-mail: tatan.sutarna@dev.insan.co.id